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Image of Alex Buisse on a location shoot. He is dressed in heavy winter clothing wearing sunglasses.
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Following the success of his 2021/2022 book on Chamonix climbing, Mont Blanc Lines, Alex is taking the project worldwide in the year(s) to come. With contracts from French and Canadian publishers to produce a follow-up book in late 2024, and support from Nikon Canada and Peak Design, Alex will spend the next year traveling around the world, photographing the best climbing spots on the planet. To keep things interesting, the whole family will be coming on the adventure, including 4 year old Emma and 6 month old Luca...


Alex will be leaving Canmore in the spring, and roughly focus on one continent per season: North America in the spring, Europe in the summer, Africa in the fall, Asia and Oceania in the winter and South America the following spring. Trips back to Chamonix and to Canada are already scheduled, for instance for the Lightchasers photo conference in Pincher Creek, AB, in May and for the Banff Mountain Festival in November.


Alex is building in enough flexibility in his schedule to be able to take on productions during the year as needed, either in the (probably exotic) location where he currently finds himself, or back in Canada.


"I fell into photography and into climbing at the same time, in my early twenties. The two fed each other: I had to climb bigger and wilder mountains so I would get better images, and I had to become a better photographer so I could do justice to the epic scenes unfolding in front of me.

I am grateful that photography has given me so many opportunities to live unique experiences. There are too many to list exhaustively, but highlights include sailing an expedition yacht around Cape Horn, photographing Usain Bolt at the Rio Olympics, skiing to the North Pole, naming three (small) mountains in Greenland, adventure racing through Tierra del Fuego, climbing on K2 and getting winched from a rescue helicopter at night."


Client list (partial):







Red Bull


Scandinavian Airlines



Sports Illustrated

The Economist

The International Olympic Committee

The Islamic Development Bank


Outside Magazine

Alpinist Magazine


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