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I fell into photography and into climbing at the same time, in my early twenties. The two fed each other: I had to climb bigger and wilder mountains so I would get better images, and I had to become a better photographer so I could do justice to the epic scenes unfolding in front of me. Over ten years ago now, I made the decision to drop out of my computer science studies and move to the climbing mecca of Chamonix to be a full time adventure photographer.


I am grateful that photography has given me so many opportunities to live unique experiences. There are too many to list exhaustively, but highlights include sailing an expedition yacht around Cape Horn, photographing Usain Bolt at the Rio Olympics, skiing to the North Pole, naming three (small) mountains in Greenland, adventure racing through Tierra del Fuego, climbing on K2 and getting winched from a rescue helicopter at night.


Though I have since branched out in other genres of photography, from portraiture to humanitarian, automotive and industrial work, I remain passionate about using the still image as a powerful tool to tell stories and convey emotions. I am also a problem solver at heart, used to dealing with the complicated logistics of shooting in wild places with unpredictable weather. And when the circumstances call for it, I have even been known to put on a producer hat.

I currently live in Canmore, Alberta, in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, with my wife and two children. I speak fluent French which comes in handy every now and then.


Client list (partial):







Red Bull


Scandinavian Airlines



Sports Illustrated

The Economist

The International Olympic Committee

The Islamic Development Bank


Outside Magazine

Alpinist Magazine