Hi, I’m Kate, a photographer based in Toronto, Canada. I'm passionate about image-making, beautiful light and exploring the world.

I’ve always loved how visual imagery can paint a complete sensory experience. I strive to bring everything I focus my camera on to life in some way; whether it be through emotion, beauty or nostalgia. As a photographer, I love to shoot stories around food, travel, and interiors. 

When I’m not behind the camera you can find me spending time in the outdoors, playing with my two-year-old Pomsky, or trying to make a new dish in the kitchen (new recipes are always welcome)! 



Client List

Walmart - Kraft - Kellog’s Special K/Vector - M&Ms - Pepsi - Quaker - Miss Vickies - General Mills - Breyers - Teltley Tea - Boost - KitKat - Delissio - Dominino’s - Harvey’s - Starbucks - Canada Bread - Corby Distilleries - GFS - Tfal - Rawcology - Genuine Tea - What A Bagel - NuPasta - Heretic Distillery - Empress Gin - Noroi - Hemptails - Total Cleanse - Only Oats - Muskoka Living - Irpina Kitchens - Chefs Plate - Pusateri’s - Lilydale - Mastro - Woolwich Dairy - Epicure - Impact Kitchen - Campbell’s - Hain Celestial - Keneya Grills - ConAgra Foods