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A moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension.


AH HA is a Top Photography Agency marketing across Canada. It's a unique and boutique full service Production Company providing creative management and representation to commercial photographers who also shoot motion. Each shooter is specialized in their field, award-winning, talented and work in a variety of categories.

The photographer and I will build a team of highly skilled key crew on a project-by-project bases to provide the very best for you and your client, meeting the demands of various mediums, timelines and of course, budgets. 

I've worked for well over 30 years in production - broadcast, motion and stills, working with industry-leading agencies and their clients like West Jet, Rogers, Budweiser, LCBO, KFC, OLG, McDonald's Netflix, etc.

Thanks for dropping by, I hope to work with you.



Andrea Hutchins

Founder/Executive Producer


Rescue Mom to 2 Great Danes

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